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Replica TAG Heuer designed and released Carrera Mclaren MP4-12C in 2011 in honor of the close relationship with the car manufacturer McLaren for the MP4-12C car. The watch features an impressive look that takes the iconic design of the TAG Heuer Carrera and uses the design elements and modern materials used in the automotive world. This article features a review on Tag Heuer Carrera Mclaren MP4-12C. 

The limited edition watch features an intricate design that takes several aspects of the McClaren Automotive. It is available in many McLaren color schemes that include red and white Marlboro colors that have been in used for the last 25 years, and the black, red and silver scheme that have been in used for the last 15 years. However, the most common color include a shade of Orange as used on the Formula 1 cars of the late 1960s as well as great Can-Am racers. The Orange color is featured in various places of the watch including the dial, Bezel and the stitching on the strap.

Tag Heuer Carrera McLaren MP4-12C specifications:
Movement Dimension: it features a total diameter of 30 mm and a total height of 7.30 mm.
Frequency: 28’800 vibrations per hour/ 4 hertz
Jewels: it includes 47 jewels
Power reserve: 44 hours power reserve and 4- hour reserve when the chrome is engaging 
Property of display: the display includes hours, minutes, central chronograph second, small second at 3 0’clock, Chronograph minute at 9 0’clock, Grande Date at 12 0’clock, and month indicator at 4.30 0’clock.

Mechanical features: it features different mechanical functions such as chronograph function, Flyback function, semi-perpetual calendar, automatic bi-directional rewinding movement and stops second while setting time. 

Tag Heuer Carrera McLaren MP4-12C Features:
Our McLaren Carrera imitations features a distinctive dial with an interesting design. It is made from Carbon-Fibre and includes a large central circle with small overlapping circles on either side. The window includes two Grand Date wheel and as well as the perpetual calendar wheel. The dial designs take after the dashboard of the car that also feature a large central circular dial for the Tachometer and two pods on the sides. Carrera adopts also adopt the same fonts of the central Tachometer on the McLaren, and the watch starts at 0 just like in the rev counter. The use of carbon-fibre is a clear indication that McLaren has advanced in the use of the space-age material than any other company. The important aspect of the Carbon-fibre is the weave, which clearly visible on the dial. 

Pusher and Crown:
The pusher has been designed to resemble the top part of an engine piston. This is an outstanding feature that makes it easy to distinguish this model from other Carrera’s. The crown comes with a nice rubber grip, a design that highly influences the design of the tyres of the car and complemented by the McLaren “Tick” put in the place of the usual TAG Heuer logo.

The strap features an interesting Rally-style finish with a bright Orange stitching on the front part and a soft Orange Alcantara at the back. This perfect design of the fake Carrera MP4-12C gives a modern technical look to the wristwatch. It design is motivated by the patterning of the seats of the car as seen Alcantara of the McLaren.

Caseback and movement:
Just like the dial, the case at the back also features a clear sapphire window that allows viewing inside movements. The movement used here includes the TAG Heuer Calibre 49, which is a Dubois-Depraz 4900 movement. Although the design is based on the ETA 2894, it includes a high-grade D-D Chronograph as well as semi-perpetual date function. Most users like the idea of including a semi-perpetual calendar on this watch, although some feel that it could have perfect if a sound functionality for the calendar were included. Even with the small date window, the dial seems busy enough. 

To sum up, on the review on our faux Tag Heuer Carrera Mclaren MP4-12C in Australia, the timepiece designers seem to work closely with the car designers so that they come up with close as possible to the face of the car. Unlike any other in the TAG Heuer’s Pre-Basel series, feature a mixed carbon-fibre and sapphire on the window, which make the watch amazing especially during daylight. The ultra high-tech features of the MP4-12C show how Carrera can be versatile. The special movement based on the Dubois Depraz 4900 is unique to the replica Carrera MP4-12C model and brings an impressive chronograph with flyback. This unique model is available to car owners and is featured in flagship stores as well as selected flagship boutiques with a price of USD 14,000.
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